Through the VAC, Vietnam and Australia are collaborating across three key areas to strengthen Vietnamese public sector leadership and policy development, and build a strong relationship.

Strategic Leadership

The VAC is developing leadership capability in its foundational partners – the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, and the Office of Government. Through targeted courses and training workshops, the VAC is supporting dynamic, creative, adaptable and forward-thinking leaders who are well-equipped to respond to emerging global challenges and opportunities, and national development priorities.

Policy Research and Analysis

The VAC provides policy research and analysis to support senior Government of Vietnam leaders in policy development and implementation. This includes targeted analysis in emerging and complex areas, and on issues requiring fast responses, to support evidence-based policy decisions. To build a stronger public discourse and understanding, the VAC also shares research findings broadly, including through targeted events with senior leaders in Vietnam and Australia.

Strategic Partnership

The VAC is strengthening the strategic partnership between Australia and Vietnam. Through symposia, roundtables, visiting missions, and other events, the VAC unites Australia and Vietnam on common regional issues and shared challenges, and promotes knowledge exchange and joint solutions. The VAC’s approach to building collaboration through targeted events builds strategic leadership development and strengthens effective international engagement, across government, academia, research institutions and the private sector.