The new Vietnam Australia Centre (VAC) is a vibrant centre of education, research and dialogue between Australia and Vietnam. It draws together Australian and Vietnamese experts to support Vietnam’s future leadership in addressing national, regional and international challenges.

The VAC is a physical and virtual hub for new and continuing activities that deliver mutual benefits to both countries. Through the VAC, Vietnam and Australia collaborate to strengthen Vietnamese public sector leadership and policy development.

The VAC will:

  1. Strengthen Vietnam’s leadership, and improve public sector management skills and evidence‑based policy to promote national development and international engagement.
  2. Build an even stronger relationship between Australia and Vietnam, based on shared interests and mutual benefits.

The VAC is a centrepiece of Australia’s commitment to the development partnership with Vietnam, as set out in a joint Prime Ministers’ statement in August 2019. It is a symbol of the trust between Australia and Vietnam, and the desire to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

The VAC is being delivered though the Aus4Skills Program in Vietnam by managing contractor Tetra Tech International Development on behalf of the Australian Government and in partnership with the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and other Vietnamese agencies.